Berlin Boombox
What's new and what's happening behind the scenes of the Berlin Boombox.
(It's a cardboard speaker for your smartphone).
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What the blogs are saying about the Berlin Boombox

"We’re impressed with this unique creation"
– engadget

"The Berlin Boombox is sure to be a hit."
– mobile magazine

"We’re picking up one of these Berlin Boomboxes for the office"
– Cool Material

"Impressed with the design"
– The Verge

"Fresh and a dope spin on making eco-friendly designs!"
– 12ozProphet

"Snag one early and be the cool kid on the block."
– Obvious Winner

"A Boombox that will set you apart from the crowd"
– Gizmo Watch

"Einfache Technik, leichte Handhabung und perfekter Style"
– Stilsucht

"We love its black and white graphic design"

"Das wird euch aus den Socken hauen"
– Kinki Magazin